Hello and welcome, my name is Tina Lemke, owner of Lemke Funeral Homes and Clinton Lawn Cemetery.  My husband George and I started this business after purchasing the former Cannon funeral home in 1999, then four years later, we purchased the former Nelson/Heesch funeral home and the former Clinton Memorial Cemetery. 

It wasn't easy for George and I to start this business in parallel with starting a new family.  We both shared a strong commitment of working hard, doing things right, and doing whatever it takes to keep things going.  At the start of our business venture times became so challenging that George delivered pizzas.  Times were tough for us but we never complained or treated our families in-need any differently because our tough times were in no comparison to their personal loss.  

George and I never forgot our meager beginnings and the hard work we put forth to make this business work.  When we were able to purchase our first Lemke Funeral Home sign and saw it light up at night, we were very proud of all of our hard work, our strong family values, integrity, passion for excellent service, compassion, humility, respect, and a overall commitment to doing things right.

I remember in 2005 we had our first bill board displayed in town showing a picture of our young and growing family with our message displayed "We do more than listen we Understand".   At that time I never thought that in 3 short years my life would turn upside down and my new message would change to "We do more than listen we truely understand".

After a long, valiant and courageous fight against cancer, the love of my life, my husband George, passed away on August 9th, 2008.  George was a wonderful husband, a wonderful Father to Konnor and Logan, and a great friend to so many people.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him.  I love him and will miss him forever. 

My 20 year passion for helping families drove me to keep and continue my business and keep our original dream going.  Our 5 core values have not changed since George and I started this buisness: (1) Integrity Beyond Reproach, (2) Humility, (3) Respect, (4) Committment to Excellence and (5) Personalize Service to our Families

Thank you for visiting the Lemke Funeral Home website, Myself or one of my staff associates would be very humbled and gracious to help you or your family through a pre-need process and I appreciate your trust in me and my staff to care for a loved one that has passed.

Now more than ever, we truely understand the loss of a loved one....

Graciously yours,

Tina Lemke, Konnor Lemke, and Logan Lemke







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